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Beatrice Lee quoted in Nichi Bei Weekly

Beatrice Lee, Director of DHTI was quoted in the Nichi Bei Weekly "Advocates mitigate the disparities in mental health care for communities of color" in her speech at the Asian & Pacific Islander Mental Health Empowerment Conference on Nov 29, 2018. "One in every six health care jobs are new, immigrant workforce makes up about 16%; there's a pool of immigrant workforce who are eager to join the healthcare sector, because they have skills to offer from their country of origin, but they need help in navigating the training part. We serve about 100 folks a year and they come from over 30 countries, speak 60 languages and dialects. Over 43% of them have a healthcare background, but only 15% of them are actually working in healthcare. Most of them are in entry level jobs." Beatrice Lee

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