About The HCPI Tool Kit

This toolkit was created by Diversity in Health Training Institute (DHTI) to provide program design elements and curricula from its Healthcare Career Pathways Initiative (HCPI) as well as best practices for working with immigrant youth and young adults (ages 15 to 30) interested in entering the US healthcare workforce. The toolkit is designed to answer the following guiding questions:

1.    How do you effectively expose, advise, and/or motivate immigrant/refugee students to pursue health jobs/careers?

2.    How do you academically, technically, and/or professionally prepare immigrant/refugee students to pursue health jobs/ careers?


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Learn about the toolkit below: 

Key Elements for Designing a Career Pathway Program

Theory of Change

Logic Model

Program Design

HCPI Curricula Design

Data Collection

Program Evaluation

Guidance for Replication

Best Practices

Lessons Learned 


Healthcare Career Exploration Fellowship Outline

Sample Day 1 HCEF Curriculum

Sample Day 2 HCEF Curriculum

Sample Day 3 HCEF Curriculum

Healthcare Career Awareness Workshop Presentation

Healthcare Systems Outline

Selected Sections from Reader below

Learning Styles

Communications: Interacting with Patients

Introduction to Diet and Nutrition


Medical Ethics

The Healthcare System

Job Readiness Resource Workshop

Community Health Worker Fellowship Outline

Evaluation Surveys

Healthcare Systems

Mid-Session Evaluation

End-Session Evaluation

Community Health Worker

Mid-Session Evaluation

End-Session Evaluation

Healthcare Career Exploration Fellowship

Mid-Session Evaluation

End-Session Evaluation

Career Pathways Diagrams

HCPI Forms

Healthcare Career Pathways Program

Tutor Form

Participant Work Exposure Report

Employer Work Exposure Experience Report

Mentor Application

Scholarship Application

HCPI at Merritt College

Volunteer Form

Healthcare Career Awareness Day Interest Form

Community Health Worker Application

Community Health Worker Mentor Application

Community Health Worker Experience Report

Community Health Worker Employer Report


Funding for the HCPI Tool Kit

This HCPI tool kit is a deliverable of DHTI’s Best Practice grant funded by the Alameda County Healthcare Pipeline Partnership (ACHPP), a program of the Health Care Services Agency.  The purpose of ACHPP’s Best Practice Grants is to solidify, enhance, document, and/or evaluate “best practices” of ACHPP programs, with the goal of supporting internal and external replication. The intent is to capture “best practices” based on the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and perspective of ACHPP programs and facilitate future replication internally and/or externally.